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On a mission to better connect educational professional development. MyCPDGroup is the complete solution to grow and add value to your education business.

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We support education businesses just like yours, all around the world

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How our Accreditation is different (better)

How can a CPD standards company know more about your subject area than you? Why should you pay thousands for these services? We're using technology to find a better way and saving business real money at a time they need it most!

1. Approve

A complete background check of your business, or a meeting, will show us your ability to deliver training. If you're suitably experienced and qualified we will be delighted to accredit your business as a provider through MyCPDGroup.

2. Support

Use our 'One Builder' to build any products you like, from a simple Zoom course to a full subscription community. It has never been easier and we're here to support you with the quality of your product range using our Transparent Accreditation Process.

3. Evaluate

The people who enjoy your courses are the people who evaluate them. It makes senses doesn't it! This transparent process will save you thousands and give you real feedback in real time. Share your feedback and grow your business!

Get your Accreditation on T.A.P. The Transparent Accreditation Process

Internationally agreed CPD standards, integrated directly into our platform, allow the people who enjoy your services to evaluate them - saving you thousands!


We've put your customers FIRST

Businesses like Uber, Just Eat, and Netflix (the list goes on) have made the customers journey easier. At MyCPDGroup we allow educators to find, access and enjoy great services, from educational providers, in one central location.

``We've relentlessly focused on the customers experience, this commitment allows our creators to focus fully on simply offering great products and services!``

Graham Tennant
Graham Tennant
CEO of MyCPDGroup
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Why businesses like yours are using MyCPDGroup

We understand that finding all the right support to run a successful business can be a confusing and fragmented process. At MyCPDGroup we bring solutions together relieving unnecessary stress and allowing you to maximise your time, energy and profits.


From a Zoom course to a subscription community you can build it all with MyCPDGroup - and you can create as many as you like!


We can help you create a broader range of products to connect with your target audience. The sky's the limit!

UNLIMITED Accreditation

You don't need to pay to have every course or service accredited. We accredit you - saving you THOUSANDS!!


You'll be plugging directly into our rapidly growing network. Looking for your next customer? We've found them for you!


Unlike some platforms, we have no limits on the amount of students you support. We're here to help you succeed and grow!


We're here every step of the way with tutorials, guides and events. We also have a fantastic community you'll be able to learn from and network with.

Did you know?

83% of users have enjoyed content from more than one MyCPDGroup provider! Let their next course be yours!

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Introducing... 'One Builder'

In person, blended, online and subscription products all made in one place. Easier for you and easier for your customers!

We've made it EASY

Video tutorials every step of the way, creativity has never been easier.

The features YOU need

Quizzes, assignments, certificates, vidoes. All the technology you expect at a fraction of the cost.


Your products beautifully designed to look great on any device.


Share your content to the marketplace, profile, your own website or even Facebook.


Never worry about your content being shared. All MyCPDGroup courses are restricted to the buyer only and safely locked in our system.

Our network of teachers is growing every day - are you ready to join us?

We've found your next customers for you. Being part of MyCPDGroup gives your education business a headstart...


Courses taken


NEW educators daily


Positive feedback

We SIMPLY do more

8,000+ Educators & Businesses Love MyCPDGroup

Take a look at some of the fantastic feedback we have already received...

Sarah & Rachel
Pyjama Drama Learning

The platform is incredibly simple to use and the support from the team at MyCPDGroup is second to none. The company has a clear vision for growth and we're really pleased with the number of sales we have received so far. I would urge anyone with a course or resource to sell to use MyCPDGroup!

Jo Clanfield
Teach Outdoors

The team are so helpful and always there to look at innovative ways to solve a problem, whilst keeping the learners interests at the heart of everything they do.

Lucy Lewin
Little Angels Nursery

Using our CPD community we have been able to reduce induction time and get new staff compliant much more efficiently. This helped us measurably improve the professional development of our staff while also saving time. I love it, it’s super easy to use without knowing about tech!

Paloma Forde
Screening 4 Dyslexia

I was struggling for sales less than a year ago and now am seeing the HUGE benefits!

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This one's for the innovators...

Your internal school training solution

Power up your school with our internal LMS solution. Every feature we've created makes training easy to create, enjoyable to take, and simple to manage.

The future is blended
  • Create your own private community dedicated to professional development

  • Train staff more flexibly by creating online training unique to your school or setting

  • Save thousands on repeat or outsourced training

  • It's EASY - anyone can create with MyCPDGroup

Are you ready to SUPERCHARGE your business?

From growing your subscribers to a fully online subscription community, you can do it all with MyCPDGroup. The best business are growing rapidly by offering a range of products to a local and global client base. So whether you want to make a blended course, create your first 'Instagram Reel' or don't know where to start we'll guide you every step of the way.

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We pride ourselves on INCREDIBLE support and we’re always happy to discuss how we can help YOU! 
Beauty of simplicity

Automated certificates are saving our clients hours

Just one of our fantastic features available on ALL plans.

  • Drag and drop builder

  • 100% personalised

  • Fully automated

  • Customers LOVE them

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Pricing plans that grow with you

Everything you need in ONE low cost subscription. We GUARANTEE you won't find better value anywhere! 14 Day FREE TRIAL on all packages.

14 Day FREE Trial


  • UNLIMITED Courses*
  • UNLIMITED Accreditation
  • FREE Support Hub & Networking Sessions
14 Day FREE Trial


  • ALL Basic Features Plus…
  • FREE2PAID Courses
  • Mail List Booster
  • Private Link Courses
  • In Person Reviews
  • Direct Lead Tab
  • Coupon Generator
  • Take Invoice & Cash Payments
14 Day FREE Trial


  • ALL Basic features
  • ALL Growth Features plus…
  • Your Courses In a Private Community
  • Dedicated LMS Environment
14 Day FREE Trial

paid annually

  • UNLIMITED Courses*
  •  UNLIMITED Accreditation
  • FREE Support Hub & Networking Sessions 
14 Day FREE Trial

paid annually

  • ALL Basic Features Plus…
  • FREE2PAID Courses
  • Mail List Booster
  • Private Link Courses
  • In Person Reviews
  • Direct Lead Tab
  • Coupon Generator
  • Take Invoice & Cash Payments
14 Day FREE Trial

paid annually

  • ALL Basic features
  •  ALL Growth Features plus…
  •  Your Courses In a Private Community
  •  Dedicated LMS Environment

Low selling fees with our customer buyer protection. You’ll be paid securely and immediately, while giving your new customers peace of mind!

* 10% Transaction fees on product sales from UK bank cards. EU and International Cards may incur small additional fee. Buyer protection fees are shown as £0 for the customer ensuring a smooth and friction free experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions that we get asked most. Can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

What is MyCPDGroup?

MyCPDGroup is revolutionising professional development by creating a self regulated approval process suitable for the modern world of online and hybrid training. Consultants are given the platform and tools to help them grow while being supported better than ever before.

How do I get accredited?

Getting accredited is simple. Firstly submit your application using the form below, giving as much information as possible. We will then review your application and contact you if we require more information. If you are approved you then get unlimited access to set up your profile and create all courses of all types. We will review your profile before it goes live to offer support and guidance. If all is well, you’re good to go. From then on all published courses are evaluated by the people who take them.

What type of person/business can get accredited?

If you are suitably qualified and/or experienced to deliver professional training you are likely to be accredited by MyCPDGroup.

Do I need to be a consultant already?

We know everybody has to start somewhere and MyCPDGroup offers the platform for accelerated growth. If you’re suitably experienced in the sector you’re looking to deliver training in, please feel free to get in touch via the form below.

Is support available if I need it?

YES! We are continuously working with our consultants to tweak and adapt MyCPDGroup to become a great place to create content. From expert course creators to first timers, we have helped them all. We have bitesize tutorials every step of the way, as well as detailed tutorials on our YouTube channel school’. If you need further support you can join us in our dedicated consultant community or email us for personal support. With MyCPDGroup you’ll never be on your own again.

Do I get a certificate/badge for being accredited?

Yes, once your account is fully approved we will issue you with an ‘accredited consultant’ certificate and badge to display across your training, website and social media.

Can I put the course on my own website as well?

YES! Adding your course on your website is as easy as adding a hyperlink. We have a tutorial to show you how to do this and we can support if you need it. You can see an example of how Pyjama Drama have linked their award winning CPD course seamlessly to the advanced MyCPDGroup platform in one of our tutorials.

If I have technical problem, who do I contact?

You can contact us via contact@mycpdgroup.com and our team will be happy to help you with everything from accessing your certificate to finding the perfect training for you!

Does MyCPDGroup take a fee when I sell a course?

There are no fees for selling on MyCPDGroup, instead the buyer pays a 'Buyer Protection' fee to cover everything from the secure transaction gateway to technical support. This means when you make a sale, you’ll receive the full selling price straight to your account. Feedback has also shown that consultants have been able to raise the value of their services, increase sales and save time using MyCPDGroup making it a “No brainier” Take a look at our fair and transparent pricing plans above, designed to grow with you!

What is Buyer Protection?

You can buy with confidence on MyCPDGroup. Buyers are protected with our 'Buyer Protection' that is applied on all products purchased through our gateway, at checkout. Buyer protection is FREE for customers... Secure payments: Payments are encrypted by our payment partner, so your money is always sent and received safely.
Our support: Reach out to our support team at any time, they're here to help. Refund and dispute resolutions: If you're not satisfied you can talk to us.

Can we use the platform to create courses for our Business or School?

Using our communities plan you can put YOUR courses in YOUR dedicated community. These advanced communities work similar to Facebook groups but they are the perfect place for professional dialogue. Connect your staff with each other, share photos, resources, downloads and even create and track CPD courses for internal staff CPD. MyCPDGroup also hosts 100’s of great courses FREE and paid so you can also use the same system to find great CPD for you and your staff.

It's time to...... THINK BIGGER!

We want to help your business grow! On all plans you'll get access to incredible support. This includes FREE monthly networking events, as well as practical training, available LIVE & ON DEMAND. So if you need help with anything from graphics to social media marketing we'll do our best to help you!

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