The Transparent Accreditation Process

You wouldn't judge a teacher from a lesson plan, so why is CPD different? Understanding our process for providers and consumers.

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A brighter future for professional development

We're revolutionising education professional development with a transparent process that is better for both the creator and consumer of content. Honest, reliable and powered by advanced technology, MyCPDGroup is supporting education business in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

The Process

Understand how our 'Transparent Accreditation Process' works.

The Standards

The globally agreed standards that are underpinning the process.

The Mission

A rapidly growing professional development revolution.

The Process...

Accreditation is just the start, our unique 10 step process has been carefully created to support everyone.

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1. Application

Like any accreditation process, this starts with an application from the consultant or business. Looking to get approved? You can complete the form here.

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2. Review & FREE Trial

After receiving the application form we will quickly acknowledge the application has been received. Our team will take time to review the application, looking at the information provided. If the application is successful immediate access to the platform is granted and you can begin your 14 Day FREE trial. On some occasions further details may be required or an online meeting might be arranged.

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3. Access

After a successful application, access to the creative side of the platform is granted. Here you will be able set up your profile, connect a payment account (to receive payments) and create any product type. You will also be able to access our fantastic tutorials, guides and support hub.

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4. Support

We offer support and guidance to not only help businesses hit the standards required See here but to also help them maximise the value and range of products they offer. We'll help you every step of the way with your first product and profile and offer UNLIMITED support to help you to get this right. During this support period the account is set to hidden so courses are not visible and can be created discreetly.

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5. Approve & Accredit

When you're satisfied with your profile and your first product is ready to go live we will conduct a full and comprehensive review of this. We will feedback on the product in relation to the standards as well as offering free tips and advice, based on examples from other successful products. Once this product is approved the account is approved and full accreditation is awarded.

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6. Publish & Accreditation

Courses can now be published freely and the products will continue to be evaluated using the T.A.P. (Transparent Accreditation Process) Products can be published to the global marketplace, profile or even a website. You will now be given badges and certificates you can display publicly to celebrate your accreditation while adding value and transparency to your products and services.

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7. Marketing

After accreditation, we will inform our growing network of our newest approved provide (at a time to suit you). Direct links to your profile will be shared across our social media channels, in relevant facebook groups and via email. Over 8,000 educators have a MyCPDGroup account and are literally a few clicks away from finding your content.

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8. Evaluate (Ongoing)

The Transparent Accreditation Process (T.A.P) means all courses are subject to ongoing evaluation by the people who enjoy them. We believe this offers a more robust and trustworthy process than assessments being made prior to a course being delivered. This not only saves clients thousands but also gives them real feedback in real time. Consumers can also use this information to make informed decisions.

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9. Support (Ongoing)

Accreditation is NOT the end. We are still here to support all areas of your business through the 'Business Support Hub'. Created to help business grow and standards to rise.

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10. Marketing (Ongoing)

The MyCPDGroup network continues to grow and we have packages to help connect great services with verified and potential customers. So if you want to hit our mail list with your newest product, tap into our graphic design experts to make your products pop or work with our PR team to grow your brand, WE ARE HERE!!

It's never been easier to connect with schools!

So much more than just accreditation. Powerful technology designed to accelerate your business.

The Standards...

Our Internationally agreed standards have been carefully crafted after consultations, focus groups and surveys across sectors and countries. Standards chosen by experts and integrated into the fabric of MyCPDGroup.

Expert Knowledge

Trainers should hold relevant qualification and have experience within the sector they are delivering training in. Training should be evidence based and provide attendees with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.


Training should have clear outcomes, objectives and/or expectations. Trainers should work towards completing these objectives during the activity and allow opportunities for reflection against these outcomes.

Inclusive & Accessible

Training should be inclusive and accessible to all. Consideration should be taken as to how learners with additional requirements can be supported, including the ability to consume content flexibly and without barriers.


Evidence shows that CPD that is actionable is most likely to have an impact. Providers should consider opportunities to offer practical demonstrations, actionable steps, ideas, techniques and/or gap task to support implementation.


Training should NOT be passive. Both in-person and online training should be engaging and enjoyable. Sessions should be interesting for the persons attending and consideration should be given to how 'active learning' can be promoted.


Peer interaction is an important part of the learning process. Where appropriate, training should provide opportunities for collaboration and discussion as well as facilitating connection beyond the event.


Training should be clearly structured, easy to navigate and provide suitable signposting where appropriate. The pace of the session should be reviewed and all learning styles should be considered.


All training should be appropriate, taking into account updated and relevant changes to policies, guidance, processes or equipment. Product descriptions should provide adequate guidance on content as well as clear time commitments.


Attendees should feel valued and supported. Trainers should be accessible and approachable. Support can also come in the form of supportive materials, templates or worksheets as well as carefully chosen links and references.

Value for money

The 10th Standard.
Professional development comes in all shapes and sizes, from a standalone online course or conference, to a full accreditation or award. All professional development on MyCPDGroup should represent excellent value for money!

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